Hebrew Phrases

Hebrew Words & Phrases

Planning a trip to Israel and the Holy Land? Here are some practical Hebrew phrases and words. It’s the language of the Bible. We can even practice on tour! Ask Zack Shavin

Learn Hebrew with Zack while in Israel

Hebrew letter "chet" the eighth letter of the Hebrew alphabet

Hebrew letter “chet” the eighth letter of the Hebrew alphabet

•Do you speak English? Ata midaber anglit?
• I don’t speak Hebrew- Ani lo mida-bear ivrit
• Hebrew- Eve-reet
• English- Angleet
• I do not understand- Ani lo may-veen
• Hello- Shalom
• Excuse me- Sleecha
• Thank you- Toda
• Please- Bevakasha
• Yes- ken


27 letters of the Hebrew alphabet

Hebrew alphabet 27 letters

• No- Lo
• Good- Tov
• Not good- Lo tov
• O.K.- Beseder
• Good morning- Boker tov
• Good evening- Erev tov
• How are you? Mah nishma?
• Where?- Ey-foe?
• Where is it?- Ey-foe ze?
• What is your name? Mah Sheem’cha?

Shana Tova New Year's card

Shana Tova ]ewish New Year’s card which usually falls in Sept.

• What time is it? Ma hasha-ah
• How much does it cost? Kama ze oleh?
• A lot- har-bay
• A little- Ke-tzat
• Do you have..?- Yesh le-cha…?
• Restrooms- Sheruteem
• Telephone- Telefon
• Number- Mispar
• Telephone number- Mispar telefon
• Post Office- Doar
• Bus station- Tachanah merkazit

Maariv Hebrew daily newspaper

Maariv Hebrew daily newspaper

• Bus stop- Tachanat auto-boos
• Bus- Autoboos
• Taxi- Mo-neet
• Bank- Bank
• Money- Kesef
• ATM- Kaspomat
• Hotel- Malon
• Luggage- Meez-vadot
• Shopping Center- Kanion
• Market- Shuk
• Expensive- Yakar
• Cheap- Zol
• Grocery Store- Makolet
• Supermarket- Super
• Restaurant- Mee-sadah
• Bon apetite- Betey-avon
• The bill, please- Cheshbon bevakasha
• Food- Oh-chel
• Water- Ma-yim
• Tea- Tey
• Coffee- Cafe
• Milk- Cha-lav
• Ice Cream- Glida
• Vegetarian- Tzeem-cho-nee
• Big- Gadol
• Small- Little
• To- Le
• From- Me
• Doctor- Rofe
• Sick- Cho-leh
• Pharmacy- Beit Mir-kachat
• Hospital- Beit Cholim

• One- Echad
• Two- Shtayim
• Three- Sha-losh
• Four- Arbah
• Five- Chamesh
• Six- Shesh
• Seven- She-vah
• Eight- Shmoneh
• Nine- Tay-sha
• Ten- Eser

Want to learn some Hebrew while on tour in Israel?
Why not learn some Hebrew while you are in Israel. Zack will practice the above Hebrew words and phrases with you while on tour and teach you even more once you’ve mastered them. For more info about touring Israel contact Zack Shavin, veteran guide and biblical archaeologist at Land of Israel Tours.