Music & Theater

Music & Theater in Jerusalem

Visiting Israel? We’re at a music & theater crossroads, east and west! Classical, modern, oriental, klezmer, Jewish, Arab, jazz, pop, rock, Mediterranean, and fringe. Here are a few venues.

Zubin Mehta conducting the Israel Philharmonic

Israel Philharmonic with Zubin Mehta

Beit Shmuel cultural center offering shows, plays, & music events 02-6203455/6

Cinematheque Jerusalem – films from all over the world. Tel. 02-6724131

Confederation House ethnic music & literature


Batsheva Dance Company at Suzanne Dellal Center

Batsheva dance troupe

The First Station
Jerusalem’s old Turkish train station inaugurated in 1892 and now home to some of Jerusalem’s best restaurants and venue for free live music.

Jerusalem Theater for performing arts: Theater, music, & dance. Located in the Talbiyeh neighborhood of new Jerusalem. Tel. 02-5605757

Khan Theater inn from 19th C. with charming courtyard situated just across from the old train station in the heart of Jerusalem. Tel. 02-6718281

Zappa Jerusalem is one Jerusalem’s leading live music venues for both local and international artists. Centrally located next to The First Station.

Music & Theater in Tel Aviv

Israel Opera outreach to children

Israel Opera outreach

Cameri Theater est. 1944, one of Israel’s largest and most prolific theaters.

Gesher Theater: Est. 1991 by Russian new immigrants- world acclaimed.


Hagar playing at Jerusalem Theater

Hagar playing at Jerusalem Theater

Habima, Israel’s national theater est. 1918, Moscow. Moved in 1931 to Tel Aviv

Israel Opera founded in 1923

Israel Philharmonic Orchestra est 1936 by musicians fleeing Nazis


David Broza Israeli singer songwriter

Local & internationally acclaimed Israeli singer songwriter David Broza in concert

Suzanne Dallal Center for dance & Theater including Bat Sheva & Inbal troupes.

Tzavta Tel Aviv, performing arts, music, & theater.

Zappa Tel Aviv one of Tel Aviv’s best venues for contemporary live music

Barby Club hosts established local bands and visiting musicians from abroad

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