Jewish Heritage

Jewish Heritage Tours of Israel

Experience Israel past & present, explore your Jewish heritage, & relive Jewish history at Independence Hall, Golan Heights, Safed kabbalah + FUN for the kids.

bar mitvah boy wearing Tefillin and carrying Torah at Western Wall in Jerusalem

Family celebrating their son’s Bar Mitzvah at the Western Wall (Wailing Wall) in Jerusalem. Mazel Tov!

Israel roots experience
Give your family an unforgettable experience – a Jewish Heritage Tour of Israel that will fill them with pride, strengthen Jewish identity, and lay down memories you’ll cherish for a lifetime. Together with Zack Shavin, we’ll not only have lots of fun, but delve into Jewish history and relive the stories of the Jewish people in the places they unfolded, visiting sites as: Tel Aviv Independence Hall, Golan Heights, Safed and the story of Kabbalah, Jerusalem Western Wall, City of David, footsteps of David & Goliath, and more.

Walking through Hezekiah's water tunnel at the City of David, Jerusalem

Walking through Hezekiah’s water tunnel at the City of David, Jerusalem

Israel Touring ideas
• Bar/Bat Mitzvah at Western Wall
• Katzrin: Talmudic village
• Safed: Kabbalah & synagogues
• Golan Heights: Israel army base
• Hezekiah’s water tunnel
• Challah & Rogelach bakery
• Hagana secret bullet factory
• JNF tree planting
• King David’s Jerusalem
• Carmel outdoor fruit market
• Climb Masada to Herod’s fortress

Swimming at Nahal David canyon at Ein Gedi

Ein Gedi oasis

Out & About Israel
• Golan Heights waterfalls
• Rappel the Ramon Crater
• Join an archaeological dig
• Off-road ATV adventure
• Take a camel ride
• Snorkel Red Sea reefs
• Jordan river rafting
Petra carved from red sandstone
• More info at Outdoor Israel

Camel ride in the Judean desert, Israel

Camel riding

Satisfied clients
Dear Zack, We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Not only were we privileged to have you show us this amazing country, but also to give us a truly amazing wealth of Jewish knowledge combined with archaeology, science and overall history!!!  We wanted for you to know immediately how thankful we are. With lots of love, Dr. David & Tammy Herskowich, Miami Beach.

Jewish scribe writing Torah scroll with quill

Jewish scribe writing a Torah scroll

Dear Zack, Thanks to you I have learned more about our Jewish culture in this short time than I had in the last 18 years!  This has been an eye-opening adventure I will never forget.  I’m sure I’ll come back. Take care, Jonathan Spungen, Chicago


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Interested in a Jewish heritage tour of Israel? I’d love to help you plan the experience of a life time and then personally guide your party. For more info please contact Zack Shavin, veteran guide & biblical archaeologist at Land of Israel Tours. For recommendations see Testimonials. You can also read About Zack.