Zack Shavin

About Zack Shavin

Zack Shavin is an Israel accredited teacher, licensed guide, archaeologist, and certified wilderness instructor, with over 40 years of experience organizing and guiding Israel / Holy Land tours, teaching, and leading Sinai wilderness safaris.

Zack Shavin in Jerusalem

Zack Shavin in Jerusalem

Shalom from Zack
Dear friends, Israel sets hearts on fire!  Sharing the wonders of Israel & Holy Land with people of all ages, backgrounds, and faiths is my life and passion.  Whether coming to Israel on your own, with family, or on an organized visit, the main thing is to come.  Whatever age or stage of life you’re in, the blessing of Israel is priceless and without measure!

Zack Shavin was born in the USA and spent his childhood there. His family then moved to Israel, fulfilling the biblical belief in the return to Zion. Zack attended Hebrew University in Jerusalem and holds undergraduate and graduate degrees in biblical history, archaeology, and education.  Zack is married with six children.