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What religious leaders say…

Based in Jerusalem, Zack Shavin has been organizing and guiding Holy Land tours in the footsteps of Jesus for over 30 years. Here is some feedback, reviews, and heart-warming comments received from pastors, priests, and tour leaders.

Rev. Dr. Leonardo Neitzel

Rev. Dr. L. Neitzel

Rev. Dr. Leonardo Neitzel
Zack, You are awesome! Knowledgeable of your subject. Intellectual! Teacher! Awesome guide. Congrats. Thank you. Rev. Dr. Leonardo Neitzel   (LCC Lutheran Church of Canada, Winnipeg)



Pastor James Paulgaard

Pastor James Paulgaard

Pastor James Paulgaard, Langley, B.C.
Zack,  You have been a great blessing to me.  Thank you for sharing your wisdom knowledge and yourself with me! Shalom my friend, Pastor James Paulgaard, Langley, British Columbia.



Pastor Dr. Rick Powers, Grace Baptist

Pastor Dr. Rick Powers, Grace Baptist

Pastor Dr. Rick Powers, Grace Baptist, OH
Zack, God is good and we feel He is the One who put you across our path.

Rev. Dr. Sean Kafader, St. John’s, Chicago
Zach, You have shown me a whole new world in your land and our Bible. I thank you. May God bless you and your family.


Fr. Noel Mueller, St. Meinrad

Fr. Noel Mueller , OSB

Fr. Noel Mueller, OSB, St. Meinrad, IN
Zach, You touch hearts and share the beauty of a special land. Thank you for the inspiring sharing.

Dr. Norma Williams, Gulf Shore College
Zack, You’ve given us the best tour we have ever had, you succeeded superbly.  You have blessed my family personally.

Ian Adnams

Ian Adnams

Ian Adnams
Zack, Thank you for sharing with us your culture, knowledge, love for God’s Word and your passion for your homeland.  May God continue to bless you and your family as you bless those around you.



Bishop Dr. Arthur Serratelli

Bishop Dr. Arthur Serratelli

Bishop Dr. Arthur Serratelli
It gives me great joy to recommend Zacharia Shavin who is extremely knowledgeable in terms of Scripture, the history, geography, and archaeology of the Holy Land. I have been impressed by his excellent teaching ability and his deep faith. He brings a wealth of information and fresh approach. Beyond mere academic presentation he brings listeners to an appreciation of their own faith.

Fr. Bob Colaresi on tour in the Holy Land with Zack Shavin

Fr. Bob Colaresi, O.C., Chicago, IL

Fr. Bob Colaresi, O. C.
I have worked with Zack Shavin for over 20 years leading Christian pilgrimages to the Holy Land. They have been among the most profound religious experiences of my life as a priest. Over 500 people give witness to the powerful effect these pilgrimages have had on their faith and spirituality. They have been a powerful leaven of renewed energy, spirituality and work for justice. Most have gotten more involved in the study of the Word and ministry in the community. The Holy Land touches something deep inside them, which words cannot easily capture but the heart understands.

Zack, as an observant Jewish man, has an amazing ability to share Jewish practices, faith, prophecy, heritage and history and gives roots and context to the teachings of Jesus. Everyone continues to be awed by the way he makes Jesus come alive. I never intended to lead pilgrimages to the Holy Land. I went once and was deeply touched. Friends then asked me to lead them a few years later, because of my enthusiasm for the experience. I actually did very little the first pilgrimage or two because of I felt insecure and inadequate- I just did not know what to do. But regardless, under Zack’s leadership pilgrims had an incredible experience. The land speaks and Zack touched their hearts and spirits. Each time, people encouraged me to do it again. This pilgrimage ministry has expanded almost on its own- word of mouth caused more and more people to ask when I was going next. The 30th pilgrimage is already being filled. Who would ever have thought!

The pilgrimages together with Zack Shavin have become some of my most powerful ministries and words cannot capture the experience. Indeed, the long term effect is what has impressed me most. Years later people share what the Holy Land experience has meant in their lives. God works in a wonderful ways! I would encourage any minister, pastor, or priest to seriously consider organizing a Holy Land pilgrimage with Zack Shavin. The blessings and benefits will exceed your wildest dreams. Zack’s biblical wisdom and religious sensitivity are such great assets that I would not do the Holy Land without him. I’d be willing to personally help anyone who feels the call or has the desire with details of preparation, planning, etc.

Fr. Bob Colaresi, O.C., Society of the Little Flower

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