Uriel Shavin

About Uriel Shavin

Uriel is an Israel Ministry of Tourism licensed guide, with a focus on Jewish heritage tours, Christian pilgrimages, and youth groups. He holds B.A. & M.A. degrees in biblical history and geography from Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and is fluent in Hebrew, English, & French.

Uriel Shavin Israel Tour Guide

Uriel Shavin, Israel Tour Guide in the Christian Quarter of Jerusalem

Shalom from Uriel
Welcome to Israel!  My name is Uriel Shavin. As a licensed Israel tour guide, born and raised in Israel, I’d love to share my passion and knowledge of the Holy Land with you.  I am an enthusiastic world traveler myself and have visited dozens of wonderful places around the globe, but must sincerely tell you- THERE IS NO PLACE LIKE ISRAEL.  Nowhere else can you find the unique mix of history, geography, cultures, religions that you find in this tiny, yet incredible land.

After three and a half years of army service in an elite IDF combat unit, I went on to earn B.A. & M.A. degrees in biblical history & geography from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, followed by two years of studies at the National Tourism School where I received my Israel tour-guide license. I am fluent in Hebrew, English and French, and have held positions as a university teacher, youth educator, and urban planner. My expertise as a professional guide focuses on Judaism, Christianity, and biblical geography.  I have guided and organized tours for synagogues, churches, private family groups, and youth organizations.

What is Israel for me?
First, Israel for me is HOME. I was born and raised in the holy city of Jerusalem, literally breathing the history and holiness of the places where famous people from the bible, from Abraham through Jesus, walked and preached their message to humanity. Israel is definitely a unique place on earth, where the very foundation and core of who we are today lies and can be seen and felt. I would like to invite you for an unforgettable tour that will undoubtedly be an incredible lifetime experience.

Contact Uriel
You can contact me at urielshavinATgmail.com OR Contact Us.  I am also on Facebook