Discovered: 2000 year old capital from Solomon’s Portico (photo Vladimir Naychin)

Doric capital from Solomon's Portico that stood in the Holy Temple in Jerusalem

Doric capital found from Solomon’s Portico in the  Holy Temple of Jerusalem… Whether celebrating Passover or Easter, the Paschal lamb sacrifice is a central theme. Here is a recent find from where it all happened 2000 years ago – the Continue reading

Golden Bell from the Holy Temple in Jerusalem (photo City of David & IAA)

Gold bell possibly from High Priest in Jerusalem Temple

Discovered: Golden Bell from the High Priest robe in Jerusalem’s Holy Temple Is it possible to hear an actual musical note from bible times? Well, here’s an incredible find that sheds light (photo credit City of David & Israel Antiquities Continue reading

2,700 year old papyrus: Earliest Hebrew mention of Jerusalem (photo Israel Antiquities Authority)

Jerusalem papyrus

This ancient 7th century BC papyrus is the first mention of Jerusalem in Hebrew outside the Bible (photo Israel Antiquities Authority) Jerusalem is indeed famous, mentioned over 800 times in the Bible. But do we have any ancient historical documents Continue reading

No Jewish link to Jerusalem Temple Mount???

Arch of Titus Menorah 3

The 2000 year old Arch of Titus celebrates Roman victory over Judea, depicting Jewish prisoners of war carrying Jerusalem Temple treasures into Rome. With the recent UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization!!!) vote denying any Jewish connection to Continue reading