Jerusalem: Marble floor tiles from the Holy Temple in Jerusalem (photo Zachi Dvira)

2000 year old marble floor tiles from Jerusalem Holy Temple

2000 year old marble floor tiles from the Holy Temple on Mount Moriah in Jerusalem brought to light. For the first time in history, actual decorative elements from the Holy Temple in Jerusalem have been brought to light!  Exquisite marble Continue reading


Emmaus Crusader church

Emmaus Nicopolis Leaving Jerusalem, we follow the main road to Emmaus, a biblical Jewish town that became known as Nicopolis in the late Roman Byzantine period. Here passed Joshua, the Maccabees, Crusades, & Jesus who, according to the New Testament Continue reading

Western Wall

Western (Wailing) Wall Touch biblical Jerusalem! Israel’s Western Wall or Wailing Wall, built by King Herod, supports the huge Temple Mount platform over Mount Moriah where Solomon’s Temple stood. Ask Zack Shavin about visiting and even celebrating your Bar Mitzvah Continue reading



Masada: King Herod’s Refuge Visit Masada, a mountaintop fortress overlooking the Dead Sea built by King Herod of Judea: Palaces, Roman baths, food storerooms, and impressive waterworks. See remains of the Roman army & Tenth Roman Legion Fretensis: In 73 Continue reading