Is this what Ahab looked like? (photo Israel Museum)

Statuette Ahab from Abel Beth Maacah

Statue head possibly of King Ahab (courtesy Israel Museum, Jerusalem)

Who hasn’t heard of Ahab (and his evil wife Jezebel), king of Israel at the time of #Elijah in the 9th century B.C.? Here is a first ever idea of what he may have looked like! Kinda cool I’d say! This exquisite faience head (courtesy of the Israel Museum) was found inside the royal citadel at Tel Abel Beth Maacah in upper Galilee, a biblical city, part of the northern kingdom of #Israel, and is actually dated to the 9th century BCE – the time of Ahab. And if it’s not king Ahab then it’s probably some other super important VIP such as King Hazael of Aram Damascus or King Ithobaal of Tyre, and gives a great idea about royal hairdos and styling at the time… Early 1970’s anyone?? Join me here in Israel and let me show you the real thing! Shalom, Zack  Also see

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