Great Museums

Great Museums in Jerusalem

Find Israel’s soul in great museums: Israel Museum, Tower of David, Dead Sea Scrolls, Yad Vashem Holocaust, City of David, Temple Institute, & Independence Hall and more! Here is a selection:

Shrine of the Book

Shrine of the Book at Israel Museum

Ammunition Hill
Former Jordanian bunker captured by Israel in 1967 Six Day War 02-5828442

Armenian Museum
Armenians in Jerusalem Tel. 02-6282331

Bible Lands Museum
Archaeology from the lands of Bible

Tower of David

Tower of David

Jerusalem Biblical Zoo
Including animals from the Bible Tel. 02-6750111

Jerusalem Botanical Gardens
6000 species from around the world Tel. 02-6794012/3


Diaspora Museum

Diaspora Museum

Cable Car Museum
Cable Car to supply Jewish defenders Mt. Zion, War of Independence 17 Hebron Rd.

Marc Chagall Windows
Stained glass of Jacob’s blessings of 12 sons Tel. 02-6776271

City of David
King David’s Jerusalem with Warren’s Shaft, Hezekiah’s Tunnel, Pool of Siloam, & Canaanite springhouse. Tel. 02-6262341

Davidson Center Archaeological Park
Temple Mount excavations: Hulda Gates, Temple Stairway, Herodian street, & stones from Roman destructionTel. 02-6277550

Outdoor active museum of biblical crafts: Weaving, ceramics, mosaics, olive oil press Tel. 02-6451866

Herzl Center & Museum
Story of Theodor Herzl father of modern Zionism and creation of national home for Jewish people Tel. 02-66321515

Islamic Art Museum
Miniatures, art, tools and weapons from Islamic lands incl. rare watches Tel. 02-5661291

Israel Museum
Biblical archaeology, Judaica, and Old European Masters. Incl, Dead Sea Scrolls & 2nd Temple scale model Tel 02-6708811

Chagall windows

Chagall windows

Italian Jewish Art Museum
Jewish life in Italy from Middle Ages to present Tel. 02-6241610

Jewish Qtr. “One Last Day”
Fall of the Jewish Qtr. to Jordan: Events of May 28, 1948 photographed by John Phillips who accompanied the Jordanian Legion. Tel. 02-6273916

Knesset (Parliament)
Tel. 02 6753337

Menachem Begin Heritage Center
Life & struggle for establishment of Israel. Tel. 02-5652020

Scale Model of 2nd Temple Jerusalem
Jerusalem before Roman destruction, Israel Museum 02-6708811

Mt. Herzl national cemetery
Burial place of Theodor Herzl & Israel’s leaders

Old Yishuv Court museum
Jewish life in Jerusalem Old City until Jordanian capture in 1948 Tel. 02-6284636

Prison of pre state Jewish underground
Former British central prison Tel. 02-6233166

Yad Vashem museum

Yad Vashem national Holocaust museum

Rockefeller Archaeological Museum
Antiquities from digs all around Israel

Science Museum
Innovative interactive exhibitions for all ages Tel. 02-6544888

Supreme Court of Israel

Tax Museum
Taxation in ancient world, Ottoman, British Mandate, and modern Israel. 02-6257597

Temple Institute
Temple vessels and marble model of the Holy Temple in Jewish Qtr., Tel. 02-6264545

Theater Museum & Archive
Collection of theater costumes & props Tel. 02-5883986

Massive stones from 2nd Temple destroyed by Titus the Roman in 70 A.D.

Davidson archaeological park in Jerusalem: Massive stones from the Holy Temple destroyed by Titus the Roman general in 70 A.D.

Tabor House
One of Jerusalem’s most beautiful houses. Built 1882 by renowned architect Conrad Schick. 58 Hanevi’im St., Tel. 02-6253822

Ticho House
Built latter 19th C., home of eye doctor Dr. Ticho and wife Anna who painted Jerusalem landscapes 7 Rav Kook St, Tel. 02-6245068

Tower of David
Traces Jerusalem’s history from Abraham to present

Western Wall Tunnels
300 meter long tunnel along Herod’s western retainer wall of Temple Mount. Tel. 02-6271333

Windmill Museum
Built in 1857 by Jewish philanthropist Moses Montefiore to provide work and encourage Jews to settle outside the walls. Tel. 02- 6230323, 6292222

Herodian Mansions & Burnt House
Archeological remains of Herodian homes including a house burnt by the Romans during the Jewish revolt in 70 CE. Jewish Qtr. Tel. 02-6283448

Wolfson Museum of Jewish Ceremonial Art 
At Hechal Shlomo, Israel Chief Rabbinate, 58 King George St., Tel. 02-5889007

Yad Vashem Holocaust museum
Located Mt. Herzl Tel. 02-6443400

Great Museums in Tel Aviv

In Tel Aviv there are many great museums but don’t miss Independence Hall where you can hear a recording of David Ben Gurion declaring the state of Israel on May 14, 1948, the Diaspora Museum telling the story of the Jewish people and communities over 2000 years of Dispersion, and the Land of Israel Museum, but there are many more:

Azrieli Tower Observatory
One of highest 132 Petach Tikvah St. Tel. 03-6081179

Ben Gurion House
Israel’s 1st Prime Minister, 17 Ben Gurion Blvd Tel 03-5221010

Bialik House
Home of Israel’s national poet 22 Bialik St., Tel. 03-5254530

Diaspora Museum
Story of Jewish people from Roman expulsion to present

Eretz Israel Museum
Biblical life: Oil press, flour mill, weaving, pottery, glass Tel 03- 6415244

Ilana Goor Sculpture
Former 18th C. Jewish inn in Old Jaffa. Today displays Goor’s unique sculpture & jewelry design Tel 03-6837676

Independence Hall
Where David Ben Gurion declared Israel’s indpendence on May 14, 1948. 16 Rothschild Blvd., Tel. 03-5173942

Jabotinsky Institute
History of the pre state Revisionist Movement, 38 King George St., Tel. 03-5287320

Jaffa Museum of Antiquities
Old Jaffa excavations Tel. 03-6825375

Military: Collection House
History of Israeli army from strugge for independence to present Tel. 03-5161346

Military: Etzel Museum
Etzel movement during the War of Independence Tel. 03-5172044.

Military: Hagana Museum
Pre state underground army and struggle for independence Tel. 03-5608624

Military: Palmach Museum
Palmach spirit and the struggle for Israel’s independence Tel. 03-643-6393,

Nachum Gutman Art Museum
Nachum Gutman founder of “Eretz-Israel” style in painting Tel. 03-5161970

Rokach House
Shimon Rokach house (built 1887) and dream of building new Hebrew neighborhood of Neve Tzedek Tel. 03-5168042

Rubin Art Museum
Residence of painter Reuven Rubin 1946 till 1974 Tel. 03-5255961

Shalom Aleichem House
Yiddish culture & Shalom Aleichem’s life, 4 Berkowitz St., Tel. 03-6956513

Shalom Tower Observatory
Spectacular views from 34th floor, 9 Achad Ha’am St.

Tel Aviv Museum of Art
Israel’s major art museum, 27 Shaul Hamelech St. Tel. 03-6077020

Helena Rubinstein Art Pavillion
Contemporary art exhibitions. 6 Tarsat Blvd.,Tel. 03-5287196

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