Christian Holy Land

EXPERIENCE the Holy Land! Follow Jesus from Bethlehem, Nazareth, Jerusalem, & Calvary to Sea of Galilee, Mount Carmel, Armageddon, and more….

Biblical rock cut tomb with rolling stone like that of Jesus at Calvary

Biblical rock cut tomb with rolling stone

Biblical journey of the heart
Experience the Land of the Bible and learn about biblical life as you follow Jesus from Bethlehem, Nazareth, and Sea of Galilee to Jerusalem and Calvary, and break open the Word in the very places where Abraham, Joshua, Gideon, Samson, David, Elijah, and Isaiah stood. The experience will touch your heart, strengthen your faith, and open your eyes to the infinite love and wonders of God.

Holy Land pilgrimage: Carrying cross to Calvary on Via Dolorosa Jerusalem

Way of the Cross

Important places to visit
• Bethlehem: The Manger
• Nazareth: Annunciation
• Capernaum: Synagogue of Jesus
• Sea of Galilee:  Boat ride
• Jordan River baptism
• Caesarea: Cornelius, Peter, & Paul
• Mt. Carmel: Elijah vs. Baal
• Jerusalem: King David to Jesus
• Armageddon: Crossroads of world

Jordan river baptism

Jordan river baptism

Learn about life in Bible times
• Ahab’s chariot stables
• Boats & fishing at time of Jesus
• Temple vessels & rituals
• Ancient olive oil press
• Rock cut tomb with rolling stone
• Ancient Jewish village
• Biblical naming traditions
• Hebrew word studies
• Farming in Bible times

Sea of Galilee

Sea of Galilee

See living traditions
• Share Passover Seder meal
• Traditional Torah chanting
• Shofar blowing
• Scribe writing Torah scroll
• Western Wall Bar Mitzvah
• Biblical shepherd’s tent
• Kibbutz community life
• Sabbath celebrations
• Home hospitality