Beth Shean & Megiddo Tour

Mt. Carmel, Beth Shean, & Megiddo Tour

Mount Tabor: Deborah defeats the Canaanite chariots and site of the Transfiguration

Mt. Tabor: Deborah defeats Siscera & site of Transfiguration

Join Zach Shavin, veteran guide & archaeologist, as we drive to the top of Mount Carmel in the footsteps of Elijah’s standoff against idolatry and Jezbel’s prophets of Baal. Continue to Tel Megiddo with some 25 cities built one atop the other where we’ll view the  Canaanite Gate and Chariot Ramp from the time of Joshua, fortification of Solomon, the Royal Stables, pagan sacrificial High Place, royal grain Silo, and walk through the Water Tunnel.  Drive across the Valley of Armageddon, crossroads of the world where three international highways converge- from Africa, Asia, and Europe. View Mount Tabor where Deborah led the Israelites against the Canaanite chariot army of Sisera and Transfiguration of Jesus. Visit the Beth Shean excavations where King Saul’s decapitated body was hung on the walls by the Philistines and one the best  preserved Roman cities in Israel. End with a visit to the 6th century Beit Alfa synagogue and beautifully preserved mosaic floor depicting Abraham & Isaac, the Menorah, Ark  of the Covenant, shofar, lulav, and many other fascinating biblical symbols.

Beit Shean & Roman Scythopolis

Beit Shean & Scythopolis

Megiddo & Beth Shean tour highlights…
• Mt. Carmel: Elijah vs. prophets of Baal
• Megiddo: King Solomon & water tunnel
• Armageddon, crossroads of the world
• Mount Tabor: Transfiguration
• Deborah defeats Siscera & Canaanites
• Mt. Gilboa: Saul battles the Philistines
• Beth Shean & Scythopolis excavation
• Mt. Moreh: Gideon defeats the Midianites
• Beit Alfa 6th century synagogue

Sachne park near Beth Shean

Sachne national park near Beth Shean

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