Old Jerusalem Tour

Jerusalem Old City Tour

David's Citadel in Old Jerusalem: Journey through 4000 years of history

David’s Citadel in Old Jerusalem

Discover Jerusalem’s Old City with Zach Shavin, veteran guide and archaeologist. We’ll cover all of the famous sites in the Jewish, Christian, and Moslem quarters including the Western Wall, Broad Wall built by King Hezekiah at the time of Isaiah, Cardo Maximus- main street of Jerusalem from Roman times, Temple Mount, golden Dome of the Rock mosque, the Pools of Bethesda, Antonia praetorium, and Holy Sepulchre church built over Golgatha, as we connect the places with famous biblical events and personages who walked here over the last 4000 years!

Jerusalem Dome of Rock

Dome of the Rock

Jerusalem Old City highlights…
• Temple Mount & Dome of Rock
• Jewish Qtr & Western Wall
• Pools of Bethesda
• Praetorium & Way of Cross
• Christian Qtr. & Holy Sepulchre
• Cardo Maximus Roman street
• Mt. Zion: King David & Last Supper
• City of David & Hezekiah Tunnel
• Suq & Oriental Markets

Jerusalem Old City market

Jerusalem Old City Market

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