A Jewish roots experience…

Coming to Israel is likely to be one of the most meaningful trips ever.  The experiences and memories you’ll lay down are unforgettable and will last a lifetime.

Praying at the Western Wall

Praying at the Western Wall- a 2000 year old remnant from the Temple destroyed by the Romans

Israel is your story
Whether coming on your own or with family, a Jewish heritage visit to Israel fills one with pride, strengthens Jewish identity and connectedness, and builds memories that you’ll cherish for a lifetime. You’ll not only have lots of fun getting to know modern Israel, but delve into history and relive the stories of the Jewish people in the places they unfolded: Tel Aviv, Independence Hall, Golan Heights, Safed and the story of Kabbalah, Jerusalem Western Wall, City of David, footsteps of David & Goliath, and more.

Walking through Hezekiah's water tunnel at the City of David, Jerusalem

Walking through Hezekiah’s water tunnel at the City of David, Jerusalem

Things to see & do
• Bar/Bat Mitzvah at Western Wall
• Katzrin: Talmudic village
• Safed: Kabbalah & synagogues
• Golan Heights: Israel army base
• Hezekiah’s water tunnel
• Challah & Rogelach bakery
• Hagana secret bullet factory
• JNF tree planting
• King David’s Jerusalem
• Carmel outdoor fruit market
• Climb Masada to Herod’s fortress

Get off the beaten track with a camel

Getting off the beaten track with a camel!

Active Israel
• Hike Golan waterfalls
• Rappel the Ramon Crater
• Join an archaeological dig
• Off-road ATV adventure
• Take a camel ride
• Snorkel Red Sea reefs
• Jordan river rafting