What our guests have to say…

Below are a few testimonials received from English, French, & Spanish speaking clients. For over 30 years, visitors from all walks of life and backgrounds, have experienced the grandeur of Israel and Holy Land through the eyes of Zack Shavin, veteran guide & biblical archaeologist at Land of Israel Tours:

Brenda & Gary enjoying springtime on Golan Heights

Gary & Brenda – springtime on Golan

    • Blessings on you Zack! May you lead many into the wonders of Israel. (Rita Dougherty, USA)
    • Zach, Your knowledge and inspiration throughout our Holy Land pilgrimage was beyond all expectation. (Carol Bressler, London)
    • You did so much more than just guide our tour, you gave me a special gift. I felt such peace and joy. (Lisa Siroky, Chicago, IL)
Norma & Danise from Dothan, Alabama in Tel Aviv

Norma & Danise from Dothan, AL

  • Thank you for bringing ancient & modern Israel alive (Noah Liff, Nashville, TN)
  • Zack, Our Holy Land pilgrimrage was the most fulfilling time of my life. You are truly a special person. Thank you! (Jim Hagaearty, Glen Ellyn, IL)
  • Shalom Zach, Thanks for your knowledge and sensitivity to the groups needs. We’ll be back for sure – Le’shana Ha’baah in Jerusalem! (Rabbi Young, Wash. D.C.)
St. Thomas, Naperville, IL Holy Land pilgrimage group

St. Thomas, Naperville pilgrimage

  • Thank you for the patience of Job, wisdom of Solomon, and a great tour of Israel. (Mark Pearl, Toronto, Canada)
  • Extraordinary Israel tour –  the kids had loads of fun. We loved how you brought the sites alive. Shalom! (Ed Roth, Hartford, Connecticut)
  • You touch hearts and share the beauty of a very special land. (Fr. Noel Mueller, St. Meinrad, Indiana)

Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel Prime Minister

Binyamin Netanyahu Israel's prime minister

B.B. Netanyahu

Zach, Much appreciation for the adventurous days together. (Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel)

Zach’s response: What an incredible experience that was – spending private time with Benjamin & Sara Netanyahu – what a couple and what special days those were up on the Golan Heights!

Dr. Allen Noorily, San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio family tour at Rosh Hanikra

San Antonio family tour at Rosh Hanikra

Dear Zack, We wanted to tell you again what a wonderful time we had. In our lives we will never take another trip as perfect and meaningful as this one. To see the children lay down memories which they will carry for a lifetime was priceless.

Dr. Rodofo y Carmen Lozano, Lima, Peru
Estimado Zacarias, Carmen y Yo queremos agradecer el apoyo que nos has dado durante nuestro viaje por tu hermoso pais.  Tu vasto conocimiento de la historia y religiones nos ha servido para apprender y entender su cultura y enriquecer la nuestra.  Agrademos la amabilidad con la que nos has tratado y reconocemos el amor que tienes por tu tierra y profesion, cosa que no es muy comun. Te dejo mi direccion de correo, ya que sentimos que hemos ganado un amigo en este viaje. Estemos en contacto.  Rudy y Carmen

Zack as our guide, has been extremely helpful, candid, transparent and open to any change we might have asked, with no problem on his side, and always in good mood. He is so informed about history and religion, with full respect for others beliefs, and a deep knowledge about them that he makes us feel comfortable when discussing them.  Zack is a wise person who not only provide his professional service but also adds additional services beyond his responsibility. This has been a real outstanding life experience. Rodolfo & Carmen Lozano

Monique Fournet, Paris, France
Bonjour Zacharie,  Nous vous remercions vivement pour ce voyage passé en votre compagnie durant la periode du 25 mai au 1 juin, nous nous sommes ressourcés et avons appris  et vu sur place toute la splendeur de ce beau pays, nous avons continué notre voyage en Jordanie, et nous avons reçu  d’autres informations sur le mont Nébo avec Moïse etc. A mon retour j’ai réouvert la bible, comme quoi il fallait que j’aille jusqu’au bout de mes informations encore un grand merci bonne continuation dans votre métier et votre vie personnelle.  Monique Fournet

Violaine & Christophe Ploux, Paris, France
Bonjour Zacharie, Ce petit mot pour te dire que nous sommes bien rentrés et avons très vite repris le travail, et surtout pour te remercier de nous avoir accompagné sur les routes de ton beau pays auquel nous sommes maintenant attaché.  Rencontre magique !!! Bonne continuation.  Avec mon amitié, Violaine Ploux

Geneviève Cavagna, Avignon, France
Bonjour Zack, Nous sommes bien rentrés chez nous, nous avons retrouvés le Palais des papes et le pont d’Avignon.  Nous garderons un très bon souvenir de votre beau pays chargé d’histoire et nous vous remercions encore de nous avoir fait partager vos connaissances, sans vous notre voyage n’aurait pas eu le même intérêt.  Nous rentrons riches de ce que vous nous avez transmis pendant ces 3 jours.  Mille mercis  Schalume, Geneviève Cavagna

Mary-Claude et Jean-Marc Beaubiat, France
Shalom Zacharie,  De retour après ce beau voyage à la découverte d’Israël, nous venons vous remercier pour votre accueil chaleureux. Nous avons apprécié vos commentaires et vos explications, vous nous avez fait aimer et admirer votre pays dont vous pouvez être fier, cette semaine en votre compagnie a été très enrichissante et nous en garderons le meilleur souvenir.  A l’avenir nous verrons toujours Israël à travers tout ce que vous nous avez montré et nous souhaitons que la paix règne avec définitivement avec vos voisins.  Encore tous nos remerciements, notre amitié vous est acquise, si vous venez dans la région, ne manquez pas de nous faire signe.  Cordiales salutations. Mary-Claude et Jean-Marc Beaubiat

Mary Yunger, Religious Educator, Chicago
I can’t recommend Zack enough. We experienced the most wonderful tour with him with members from our parish’s bible study group. His knowledge of his own faith and of the Christian faith made alive for us the Land of Israel, the land that Jesus walked. I continue to experience that trip as we continue our studies and as the word is proclaimed in our liturgies and dream of going back someday. Thank you so much Zach.

Richard & Elena, Los Angeles
Zach, Thank you! I had no idea how much I would learn… I now have a better understanding of my Jewish roots and Elena’s Catholic roots. Your knowledge is impressive. Thanks for your efforts, time, and commitment to having this trip be what I wanted. With love, Richard & Elena

Nerina R., New York
Zach, Thank you very much for your time. These past days were fun, informative, and we learned so much about biblical times and traditions which surely will make the Bible more real to us. God bless you with health, strength, and happiness as you carry on this work. We had a wonderful time!

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