Private Guide

Explore Israel with a private guide

Explore Israel & the Holy Land with Zack Shavin as your private tour guide! Veteran guide, biblical archaeologist, & wilderness instructor, Zack specializes in tailor-made tours: Jewish, Christian, biblical archaeology,  desert safaris, & nature.

Zack Shavin guiding Paula at Megiddo

Zack with Paula at Megiddo

Maximize time
Whether making a Jewish Heritage tour, Christian pilgrimage, cultural visit, or business trip, Zack Shavin’s private car tours are the ideal way to go for in-depth touring, personal service, comfort, convenience, and time efficiency. Zack not only guides your party, but offers free program development, suggests hotels for every budget, and provides private transport for any size party.

Private Guide Israel Tour: Zack Shavin guiding a famiiy in Jerusalem Old City

Zack in Old Jerusalem with Susan & kids

Personalized program
Zack Shavin, as both your personal tour planner & Tour Guide, and with over 35 years of experience, offers total flexibility in planning your Israel / Holy Land tour. Zack’s commentary and the sightseeing program is tailored to your particular interests, background, special needs, and age of kids. Walkers and wheelchairs are available upon request.

Private guide family tour of Israel with Zack Shavin

Private family tour of Israel

Visit at your pace
It’s your own private Israel tour, so we’re flexible: Stop for that great photo-op, get a cold drink or some ice cream when the kids get fidgety, spend more or less time at a given site depending on interest, and no unnecessary waiting for others.  And if there is something you want to stop and see while we’re on the way to our planned sightseeing destinations – no problem!

Zack Shavin private tour guests at King David hotel, Jerusalem

Guests from Texas at King David hotel

Accommodation for every budget
Good, clean, and pleasant accommodations are very important. Zack Shavin has hand-picked a wide variety of hotels, guest houses, and kibbutz lodges that offer comfort and good service in a relaxed atmosphere. Once your itinerary set, Zack can also help you choose and reserve hotel accommodations that are conveniently situated along our touring route.

Caravel - a minivan example for private guide tours of Israel

Caravel minivan

Transport for any size group
A variety of vehicles are available, depending on the size of your party or group: 6 passenger minivans, 12 passenger full vans, 19 passenger minibuses, 35 passenger midi’s, and 55 passenger private motor coaches.

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