All Israel Tour

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You will absolutely LOVE this one! Experience Israel ancient and modern, Holy Land biblical sites, living traditions, including footsteps of Jesus from Bethlehem to Calvary, Moses & Exodus + RED SEA & PETRA. Personally guided by Zack Shavin, veteran guide & biblical archaeologist at Land of Israel Tours.

Western Wall remnant of the Temple & Dome of the Rock on Mount Moriah

Jerusalem’s Western Wall & Dome of Rock

Heartfelt experience
More than a Holy Land sightseeing tour, this is a real heartfelt experience. Zack Shavin will give on-site inspirational teachings, break open the Word in the very places where the stories of the Bible unfolded: Abraham & Isaac at Mount Moriah, David and Goliath at the Elah Valley, King David in Jerusalem, Jesus at the Sea of Galilee. We’ll even do an archaeological dig!

We walk through King Hezekiah's water tunnel beneath City of David, Jerusalem

Hezekiah’s water tunnel  Jerusalem

All-Israel tour highlights
• Hulda Gates entryway to Temple
• Jerusalem mansions from Herod’s day
• Jewish village from Roman times
• Hezekiah’s water tunnel from Isaiah’s day
• Temple Institute with Temple vessels
• Bedouin camel ride experience
• Galilean “Jesus” boat from 1st century
• Pool of Siloam where Jesus heals blind
• Dan: Jeroboam’s altar & Abraham’s gate

Bar Mitzvah boy with Talith prayer shawl reading Torah scroll at Western Wall in Jerusalem

Hear traditional Bar Mitzvah Torah chanting

Share living traditions
• Bar Mitzvah celebrations at Western Wall
• Traditional chanting of Torah
• Passover biblical meal
• Sabbath celebrations
• Jewish scribe writing with reed
• Biblical olive oil press
• Shofar blowing jubilee
• Biblical terrace farming in Judean Hills
• Parchment & Tefillin making

On the Mount of Beatitudes & Sermon on the Mount overlooking the Sea of Galilee

Inspirational teaching on Mt. of Beatitudes

Walk the Bible
• Mt. Moriah: Abraham & Isaac
• Siloam Pool: Jesus heals blind man
• Capernaum, Chorazim & Bethsaida
• Armageddon crossroads of world
• Mt. Carmel: Elijah vs. Baal
• Jericho: “Walls came tumbling down”
• Elah brook: David & Goliath
• Caesaria: Herod, Peter, & Paul
• Sea of Galilee boat ride

Negev desert camel trekking in footsteps of Israelites & Exodus

Camel trek & learn about nomads & Exodus

Modern Israel
Learn about the miracles of modern Israel: From kerosene lamps, food rationing, and absorbing over 1 million Jewish refugees in the 1950’s, to the current high-tech “start-up nation”- and this in spite of surrounding enemies and no oil or natural resources
• Visit a kibbutz
• Israel army bunker on Golan
• Share home hospitality

Sifting biblical dig finds at Tel Maresha excavations and archaeological seminars

Sifting our dig finds

For more info
For more information about Zack’s All Israel Tour + RED SEA & PETRA, contact Zack Shavin, veteran Israel guide & biblical archaeologist at Land of Israel Tours.