City of David Tour

Tour of King David’s Jerusalem

Pool of Siloam at City of David in Jerusalem

Pool of Siloam at City of David in Jerusalem

Zach Shavin, veteran guide and archaeologist, will lead you back in time as we spend a day touring the heart of biblical Jerusalem – the City of David! This is an exciting ongoing excavation, and to date we have discovered the palace of David and the kings of Judah, royal seals of the ministers to King Zedekiah at the time of Jeremiah, Warren’s shaft through which David’s army conquered Jerusalem, Canaanite fortified spring house from Abraham’s day built to protect the Gihon springs during time of siege, King Hezekiah’s water tunnel, Pool of Siloam where Jesus healed the blind man, and subterranean passages. End our day at the Davidson Center 2nd Temple period excavations.

Jerusalem: Hezekiah's Tunnel at the City of David

Hezekiah’s Tunnel at the City of David

City of David tour highlights…
• Royal palace of the Kings of Judah
• Royal seals from Zedekiah & Jeremiah
• Warren’s Shaft & David’s conquest
• Abraham’s Jerusalem: Spring fort
• King Hezekiah’s water tunnel
• Gihon spring: Solomon anointed king
• Pool of Siloam: Jesus healed the blind
• Hulda Gates & stairway to Temple
• Robinson’s arch & Temple destruction

City of David fortifications in Jerusalem

City of David: Area G biblical fortifications

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