Bedouins & Camels

Bedouins & Camel Riding

Planning a trip to Israel? Get off the beaten track! Ask Zack Shavin about camel riding, Bedouin tent hospitality, and learn about traditional nomadic life.

camel riding near Mount Sinai

Camel riding in the Sinai wilderness on the way to Mount  Sinai

Camel riding
The camel is really a wonder of nature! It can drink water big time- 25% of it’s body weight, has 4 stomachs, and can even change it’s body temperature for desert extremes in order to minimize water loss!
• Ride your own camel “ship of the desert”
• Learn about traditional nomadic life
• Bedouin tent hospitality & coffee
• Desert overnight beneath the stars
• Share a Bedouin shepherd’s meal

Traditional bedouin tent wedding feast

Traditional Bedouin tent wedding feast

Bedouin Tent Meal
Have a traditional Bedouin tent hafla feast: Served sitting on pillows around a large tray of rice and meat with appetizers, freshly baked Bedouin bread, lemonade, tea, coffee, and for desert, honey and nut filled baklava.

Contact Zack Shavin
Contact Zack Shavin, veteran guide & biblical archaeologist at Land of Israel Tours about adding a bedouin or camel riding experience to your Israel tour program.